Australia's Only National Junior Tenpin Bowling program

Bowl Patrol is Australia’s only NATIONAL 'Learn to Bowl' TENPIN BOWLING program. Originally designed for primary school children - but suitable for participants of all age and ability, it's designed as an 8 week program that typically starts the second week of each term - but this can be adjusted to suit the needs of our learners.

It teaches the fundamental skills of the sport and improves co-ordination and balance. Bowl Patrol is FAST, FUN and ACTIVE and promotes skill development, a sense of achievement, socialisation and teamwork.

Bowl Patrol can be utilised in the special and/or primary school environment. It may be selected by schools as part of the Australian Sports Commission's Sporting Schools program - where the full costs for the program are paid for via the Sporting Schools grant.

Building towards a truly inclusive program, Bowl Patrol enjoys the partnership and support of an incredible ambassador in Jason Belmonte (, a World Champion bowling a little differently (like us!), as well as an array of valuable communities such as;

Special Olympics Australia
Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
Amaze Victoria

EXCITING NEWS! Kids can now sign up to Bowl Patrol using state or territory funded vouchers
Find out if they're available in YOUR state or territory;


NEW SOUTH WALES 'Active Kids Rebate' 

SOUTH AUSTRALIA 'Sports Vouchers' 

QUEENSLAND 'Get Started' 


TASMANIA 'Ticket to Play' 

The voucher administration process varies from state to state, mostly, parents need to surrender the voucher to the centre or state coordinator who claim the rebate and finalise online registration. Visit our 'Contact Us' page for your state or territory coordinator. Register for a program using your voucher by completing a Registration form and emailing it to 

Program Features

  • 8 WEEK PROGRAM 60 minute sessions once per week
  • ON THE MOVE Maximum of 3 kids per lane so they are always active
  • SHORTENED LANES Modified length to match ability of each child
  • SHORTENED GAMES 5-Frame games (half a normal game) to keep children focused
  • CHALLENGING No bumpers or ramps used to ensure skill development
  • 6 LEVELS of ACHIEVEMENT progression based on skill not age
  • MODIFIED SCORING Simplified scoring designed for kids
  • LANE RANGERS Program delivered by trained facilitators
  • REWARDING Recognition of individual achievements and progress


Jason Belmonte's 2-handed Bowling technique

Inclusion Resources social story, word board and visual schedule

Registration form - if online registration is not available.