Info for Registered Associations and Centres

Associations and Centres benefiting from a relationship with Tenpin Bowling Australia* may be eligible to deliver Bowl Patrol programs at their centre. The delivery of Bowl Patrol programs remain consistent across the country through guideline procedures and resources.

  • Programs are delivered by registered, qualified coaches called 'Lane Rangers'. Paid positions ensure quality delivery coinciding with course content and supporting materials including; Lesson Plans, Activity Cards, equipment, online video content, uniform, state and national coordinator networks, etc.
  • Specially designed, modified equipment is required for the unique delivery of this program, in many cases grants and fundraising can assist the centre or association in owning this equipment. Where this hasn't been possible, we're delighted to offer a 'loan to buy' initiative where regular payments make the purchase more achievable. 
  • Administration for the program is managed online, meaning centres aren't too involved in the registration process. We pay the centre a set amount per participant, we also pay the coach/Lane Ranger if you prefer. National promotion is managed by us but it's vital the centre do everything possible in their venues to recruit participants for the program.
  • Bowl Patrol puts tenpin bowling in line with other national junior participation programs like AusKick, Net Set Go and others. We look forward to seeing a new generation of strong bowlers in the future!

Should you wish to find out more about starting a program at your centre, kindly contact your state coordinator, the program manager or Tenpin Bowling Australia. 

Contact Us

Bowl Patrol Program Manager - Emily Rennes
[email protected] or [email protected] 
0468 645 431

TBA Office
[email protected] 
07 3262 4455

*centres or associations not yet registered with TBA, but who are interested in running the program, should contact the TBA office in the first instance to enquire about the registration process.