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Answers to your frequently asked questions

Upon registration we ask Parent/Carers to agree to our Terms & Conditions for Participants. Read the full T&C’s here:

$99 inclusive of GST – this typically includes the eight weeks (one, 1 hour session a week) plus a Patroller Pack (e.g. t-shirt, cap and drink bottle *items subject to change but of similar value). This is their coaching, games, wristbands and becomes $79 from the second program on. Some states and territories offer a voucher, Bowl Patrol is an accredited program for you to use your voucher (e.g. WA’s Kid Sport, NSW Active Kids, QLD Get Started, TAS Ticket to Play, NT Sports Vouchers).

Due to the structured format of the program children need to commence at the beginning. But don’t worry – a new program commences each term!  Send us an email at [email protected] to register your interest for the next program if it’s not on the ‘Find a program’ page yet.

That’s fine. Just come along the following week and our Lane Rangers will aim to take your child through any important points that they missed. There’s no refund for missing sessions.

Bowl Patrol has a different theme every week. Themes range from learning how to target to throw more strikes and how to pick up spares right through to a back end tour of the bowling lanes – you won’t believe how far apart those pins actually are!

But the one constant is that each week your child has two opportunities to progress to a new level.   Our new shortened game format with a simpler scoring system is something that your child will look forward to each week.  The sense of achievement from going up a level or simply beating your personal best score means there is something to celebrate every week.

Ordinary shoes can damage the surface of the approach so your child will be required to wear bowling shoes that are provided free of charge to wear each week. It’s important that children wear comfortable loose clothing such as t-shirts, tracksuit pants or shorts that allows free range of movement.

Children can only progress one level per session, they receive the coloured wristband at the end of the session, if they’ve achieved the score required to receive it.

All children begin on the same level, and must work their way through each level. With a different theme every week there is plenty to learn and challenge every child.  Plus your child will want to collect all the rewards for progressing along the way!

Children want to be challenged! Our innovative program shortens the lane by using carpet to bring children closer to the pins.  To begin, all children start from halfway down the lane making hitting the pins even without bumpers more than achievable.  As their skills develop, children move further away from the pins until they are eventually bowling on the entire lane with no bumpers!

Bowling balls start at 6 pounds or 2.7kg. As a rough rule of thumb children should bowl with a ball that is approximately 10% of their body.  It is for this reason we recommend children start the program at the age of at least 5 and preferably 6 years old.

Our Lane Rangers are encouraged to work with the ability of each participant. Upon registration kindly advise us of any special need as we pass this on to the Lane Ranger. You’re encouraged to assist us to ensure a positive experience, we have additional resources such as;

– social story; to prepare the bowlers for what to expect when they go to Bowl Patrol
– word board; to assist with communication and learning new words association with the program
– visual schedule; to ease anxiety we can show the schedule on a visual board for Patrollers to follow along
– online resources; including training and support for our Lane Ranger
– modifications; Lane Rangers can access environmental and physical modifications ranging from adjusted lighting and sound to ramps and bumpers if required.

Yes! We can, in partnership with our ambassador Jason Belmonte we’ve created a resources for our Lane Rangers to teach Patrollers how to bowl with two hands. It’s easier and more comfortable for some, but not all, bowlers. We like Patrollers to give it a try to decide whether it’s something for them.

Absolutely – in fact the last week of the program sees your child putting all their new knowledge into practice to beat you – so you’d better be paying attention!

Kids love their parents getting involved and we need some keen parents to work with our Lane Rangers to help reinforce the skill learnt for the week, provide some encouragement and keep kids on task.  There is no specialist bowling knowledge required.

Of course! Like anything, children progress at different levels and are not expected to successfully complete all six levels.  They can simply enrol in Bowl Patrol again next term and come game time pick up from where they left off. They’ll still be taken through the standard content each session.

Bowl Patrol is a brand new program and we are progressively rolling this out across the country. Centres associated with Tenpin Bowling Australia have access to it initially – but it’s up to them whether or not they offer it. If you can’t find a suitable venue please drop us an email and we’ll contact you as soon as your nearest centre is running the program.

Like most junior programs, the only option for enrolment is through the Bowl Patrol website. Programs need a minimum of five participants to proceed, although this may vary for each centre. If you get stuck give us a call or email [email protected]

All Lane Rangers have undergone training to deliver the Bowl Patrol program and have current Working with Children (or equivalent) checks in their respective state/territories. Rangers enjoy a supporting relationship with their centre manager, state/territory coordinator and the national office. Lane Rangers are taught a hands-free approach to coaching, learning from demonstration, practice, modifications, visual and verbal instruction. We discourage coaches having to physically touch the participant unless the participant is at sufficient risk of immediate injury (i.e. about to slip over on the lane, fall in a gutter, hurt another participant).

Tenpin Bowling Australia and Bowl Patrol take the safety of all involved very seriously. We encourage the review of our Child Safe Framework in addition to our Member Protection Policies at

It’s ideal for at least five participants per Bowl Patrol program so that the activities and sessions are enjoyable and sociable. There are also costs associated in paying coaches and centres for the delivery. If there aren’t enough participants registered in your program, we may sadly be forced to cancel it. In this case, we try to accommodate your child in an alternative program (another day or centre nearby), offer to roll your registration over to the following term or lastly completely refund your registration fees.

We know it can be hard to find a sport that suits your child sometimes. It’s ideal to give your child a try of tenpin bowling before signing up to Bowl Patrol. Should they attend the first session and not like it (and won’t be convinced to see it through) contact us ASAP prior to the second session to request a cancellation. Where this is done in a timely manner with reasonable explanation we’ll do our best to refund the full amount (*conditions apply for vouchers). Once they’ve done the second session, the refund is no longer available.

Absolutely! Bowl Patrol is the perfect inclusion sport catering to a wide range of abilities. Schools can access funding via the Australian Sports Commission’s Sporting Schools program, while special ability groups can access funding for additional sessions via Special Olympics Australia.

Yes you can, tenpin bowling and the Bowl Patrol program are assisting each state/territory offering the voucher program to spend their voucher on the program. In some states, this $100 voucher will cover the full cost of the program ($99) in others the difference will need to be paid up via credit card or EFT. Your state coordinator will contact you to process this, let us know if you haven’t heard from them! For Victorians wanting to use Get Active Vouchers, please register and pay online, then use your registration confirmation email to claim back.

Contact us to find out more.