Program Schedule

The Bowl Patrol program was designed with the primary-school aged participant in mind. Sessions are consistent in keeping with development milestones and considering all aspect essential to sport; from physical to social and in between!

Here is the Program Overview which outlines what happens each week. We have a theme and focus each session that teaches participants more than just bowling, we discover the pin setting machines, look inside the pin, learn how to score and so much more. 

Here's how your Patrollers will progress (hopefully, and eventually) receiving a coloured wristband when they achieve the score;         

  1. Score 30 on 9 metre carpet = white wrist band
  2. Score 30 on 6 metre carpet = yellow
  3. Score 30 on 3 metre carpet = orange
  4. Score 30 on full lanes = green
  5. Score 60 on full lanes = blue
  6. Score 80 on full lanes = black
  7. Personal Best 
  8. Vs Parents/ Friends

We're also currently developing resources to help ensure a positive experience for a more sensitive participant. Resources like a word board, schedule, social story and low-sensory sessions ensure every Bowl Patrol experience is a positive one. 

Contact us for more information or chat to your centre's Lane Ranger. or 0468 645 431

Resources currently being tested and developed in partnership with our friends;

- Special Olympics Australia

- Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) & Waratah West Primary School

- Amaze (Victoria)

- Autism Gold Coast (Queensland) 

- ACT, NSW, WA, VIC and NT Governments (e.g. Sport & Recreation Victoria)