Bowl At Home

How to Bowl At Home

Bowl Patrol has put together a range of different exercises and activities for the kids (and even adults!) to do at home. With the support of Sport Australia, kids are encouraged to 60 minutes a day of activity (30 for adults). 

Target Practice: you can be creative with what ‘pins’ (loo paper rolls, empty plastic bottles), ‘ball’ (rolled up socks, tennis ball) and alley (hallway, outside) you use at home.  Try targeting specific pins… the headpin is #1, or for the left spare #7 or right spare #10.

Arm curls: to build muscles in your wrist and arms. Try holding a can of anything or drink bottle of water. Do 10 on your left and 10 on your right – repeat three times! Then stretch those arm muscles.

Lunges: gain confidence with your ‘1 step’ delivery. Take an even step straight ahead, don’t let your knee go past your foot. Move slowly, returning to a standing position with two feet together. Try 8 on the left and 8 on the right – repeat. Then stretch your leg muscles with a reach to your toes (trying to keep your knees straight!) or hold the foot of the bended knee behind you to stretch your thigh (front of your leg).

Can you put the two skills above together?! Try lunging and curling your arm at the same time.
Remember to ‘rock on’ with your hands and maybe ‘Spiderman release’ your ball (or can) gently and slowly along the floor.

Wall Sit: this one can be a bit of a burner! keep your knees at 90 degrees, back flat against the wall and belly squeezing in… don’t forget to breath. Can you hold it for 30 seconds?

These exercises and activities are simple things that can be done at home with minimal equipment. It includes exercises like lunges, arm curl, wall sits, and squats; the activities involve working on target practice and skill development through reinforcing skills learnt in Bowl Patrol.

They can be found on Bowl Patrol’s social media channels (@bowlpatrolaus):

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Follow along, then maybe set some challenges or goals to achieve! Your Lane Ranger is sure to be impressed with your home practice.