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We’ve prepared ten quick questions below to see if you’ve understood Bowl Patrol, Bowl Abilities and being a Lane Ranger completely.

Before you can deliver a Bowl Patrol or Bowl Abilities program, we’ll need to ensure your centre is on board and has the correct equipment set up or if you’re in another environment (school, hall, etc) we can help you adapt the programs. After that we’ll work with you and potential participants to set up a program at an agreed time and date. It’s only then we open the program for registrations for participants via our websites.

In addition to completing the online course/s, agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and other checks, we encourage you to be an ‘assistant’ Lane Ranger until you’re confident with the content and ready to lead your own program.

We look forward to seeing you on the lanes!

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Start Lane Ranger Training – Quiz

After reading through the Intro, Ranging the Lanes, Inclusion & Modification and The Sessions – submit your best responses below.
Start Lane Ranger Training - Quiz
1. The main difference between Bowl Patrol (BP) and Bowl Abilities (BA) is
3. You suspect a participant might have Autism, but you're not sure, what should you do?
4. True or False? Bowl Patrol can be adapted to a school environment
5. Where's the best place to access all the session plans, activity cards and videos in one secure location?
7. Who might be able to assist you to deliver a session? Assume they haven't completed Lane Ranger training
State, Territory or Country (if outside Australia)